Both of my daughters grew up in Diane's Daycare. Our family spent a total of six wonderful years with Diane. I was confident that they were in a nurturing, safe, and loving environment every day. Diane provided the girls with a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities, toys, games and outdoor equipment. They both looked forward the the thematic study each month and eagerly awaited spring when they would grow vegetables in the garden. The daily activities and routines helped my daughters build their language, fine motor skills, independence , and ability to interact cooperatively with other children. I will forever be grateful for the amazing experience Diane provided for my family.

Julie F.

2009- 2015

Diane's Daycare was a second home for both of my boys for the first 3 years of their lives. Diane provided a loving. safe and educational environment. My children grew, thrived and loved every minute with Diane. Today they are 13 and 16 and I'm glad I had Diane's Daycare to help me with my boys.

Wendy S.



As a first time Mom, leaving my 3-month old with anyone besides her Dad wasn't easy. Diane made the transition a breeze. I trust her wholeheartedly with my daughter. She is kind, caring and very much invested in her kids and their development success. She provides a safe and healthy environment... my daughter eats healthier with Diane than she does at home. We are truly blessed to have found Diane and I cannot thank her enough for the way she care for my child.


Amber M.